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The Kutiyattam Kendra, which is not intended to work as a training institution, has the following mandate / activities:  

1. Financial support to various Kutiyattam Institutions – 

Based on the recommendations of a Sub-Committee of experts appointed by the Advisory Committee of the Kutiyattam Kendra, financial support to various Kutiyattam institutions are renewed and with effect from October 01st 2015 rendered by way of sponsoring regular weekly/fortnightly performances at their own venues including rangaparichaya for the young artists with provisions for documentation, Group Medical Insurance to artists, scholarship to students to support their training activity, etc.

2. With effect from October 01st 2015, Five year Scholarship scheme for students outside the institutions too with monthly incentive to both students and gurus.

3. Revival of ancient / traditional performance traditions: 
(i) Revival of 41 days of annual Manthrankam performance at Peruvanam Temple, Thrissur
(ii) Annual 41 days of Manthrankam performance by Margi, Thiruvananthapuram
(iii) Annual 12 days of Anguliankam performance by Guru Shri Ammannur Kuttan Chakyar
(iv) Annual 3 days of Mathavilasam performance by Guru Shri P.K. Narayanan Nambiar

4. Monthly Gurudakshina to veteran Gurus.

5. Regular venue for Kutiyattam and allied arts to disseminate the art, give performance space to artists with a focus on youngsters and to create new audience:
(i) At Thiruvananthapuram Govt Museum auditorium in collaboration with Dept of Museum, Govt of Kerala  - First and Third Wednesday of every month at 6p.m. (w.e.f. August 2012)
(ii) At Jawahar Library Hall, Kannur, in collaboration with Naimisharanyam Festival, Kannur - Second Wednesday of every month at 6 pm  (w.e.f. November 2015)

(Programmes at these venues to start with a class on hand gestures and lecture-demonstration on the episode under performance by a practising artist)

6. Sponsorship for performances at various centres to disseminate Kutiyattam and allied arts.

7. Support documentation, research and publication in the field

8. Organise periodical Kutiyattam lecture demonstration cum performances in collaboration with cultural institutions, universities, educational institutions etc to disseminate the art.

9. Organise annual festival, seminars, lecture-demonstrations, workshops and residencies of Kutiyattam

10. Establish a Kutiyattam Complex with space for Koothambalam, library, archive and museum, among others.

11. Support for the art of costume making (wood work) to attract more youngsters in the field.

12. The Kendra may also take up the matter of preservation of traditional performance spaces.